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About APL...

APL (A Programming Language) is a concise and powerful programming language which has its origins in communications between people.

APL offers sublime simplicity of expression...

 ⎕←'Hello World'

By treating data as inherently multidimensional very complex calculations and sohisticated analyses can be defined in very short programs - the less you have to write, the faster you can write it.

APL is used worldwide by organisations ranging from the multinational corporation to the single individual.

APL is used for applications from accountancy through to engineering (and many in between).

APL (and its several related array programming languages) is available from several vendors and is also supported by a worlwide network of independent consultancies.

Dick Bowman's APL News

These pages are a rebranding of what were formerly the Dogon Research APL  Pages.

About Dick Bowman...

Dick Bowman is an independent consultancy offering a wide range of services relating to APL - among them training, application development and documentation.

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