About These Pages

Dyalog Version 11 introduced new syntax for object-oriented programming; this syntax can be applied to GUI controls with appreciable benefits to code readability.

Unfortunately the Dyalog documentation has not yet caught up with the latest syntax.

The purpose of these pages is to show the code samples included in the Dyalog manuals and help files and to recast them into the latest syntax

Original (pre-11) syntax is shown against a blue background; the code here is (mostly) drawn from the Dyalog Help files and manuals.  Code samples copied from the Dyalog files and manuals with permission.

Post-11 syntax is shown against an orange background.  These code samples may be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes, but should not be included in training materials without permission.

Further suggestions are shown against a yellow background

Disclaimer: The new syntax examples are intended to behave in the same way as Dyalog's original code, in many instances there are alternative ways to produce the same effect, please don't take these pages as offering the "best" way to do everything, they are suggestions and your own context may lead to differences - hopefully of detail.

These pages are in development, new content is added regularly.

Please feel welcome to suggest changes and corrections.

This is an aplconsultants.org initiative.

Author: Dick Bowman
Latest update: 23 November 2007