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Some little applications which can be downloaded for free - at this time all written in Dyalog (at one time the intention was that they'd be ported to other APLs, but that hasn't happened).  What's described in these pages has probably been updated since, contact Dogon Research if you want to find out more (and there may be some new applications not detailed).

FTP Site

Various workspaces and scripts are held at

Gift Shop

Ye Gifte Shoppe is a collection of downloadable APL and J (possibly K, Nial and more) applications, tools and utilities which might be interesting to the worker or student in these technologies.

The main idea is to be able to compare and contrast the code used to achieve the same goal in various APL (and APL-related) variants; the code may not be complete or thoroughly robust in all circumstances.

All Gifte Shoppe items are free and may be used without restriction so long as authorship is acknowledged.


A collection of rather dated pages from when I was exploring J, trying to learn and writing some little applications.


An accumulated selection of links to people, companies, organisations active in APL, either now or in the past.


Dyalog GUI Rosetta Pages (translation between earlier and current syntax), APL95 Software Exchange, Dyalog 06 Notes


Writings over the 1995-present timeframe on a variety of APL-related subjects.


An APL primer (based on Dyalog APL), which encourages the newcomer to build knowledge through exploration.


A collection of product/application/book/etc. reviews covering the 1995-2004 timeframe (I don't think I want to do any more APL reviews).


Short examples showing solutions to a variety of tasks.


Links to commercial (and some non-commercial) suppliers of array programming language products, including (but not restricted to) Dyalog, J, MicroAPL and NARS2000.

There's more, the pages all need reorganising, cataloguing and indexing...

Archival (sections that need a lot of reorganisation, to turn them into some sort of flat - searchable - scrapbook)
The APL and J Programming Languages Webring
Using Dyalog APL 

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