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This section describes some sites which contain a variety of information about APL; due to the nature of the Net some may have moved on since this page was last reviewed - please contact Dogon Research with any additions or corrections you feel appropriate.

Site Comment/Description
Adaytum Adaytum software
AFAPL French APL society
APL and J Webring APL and J Programming Languages Webring
APL Borealis Canadian APL supplier and consultancy
APL Forum Sharing APL resources...
APL-Journal APL Journal of the APL Club of Germany
APL Software Team GmbH APL consultancy, and onward links
WWW.APL2.DE An APL2 clone project
APL2 Newsgroup APL2 (Support) Newsgroup hosted by IBM
APL2002 Conference Another opportunity for the APL tourist to spend hundreds of dollars with airlines and hotels.
Ben Best APL, J, neural networks, object-orientation
Robert G Brown Book Sale APL books from then to now...
Skip Cave Ellis K. "Skip" Cave's Matrix Language History Page
Codework Developers of the WinHelm OLAP package and instigators of the Tangram Open OLAP Project
Cosy Bob Armstrong's NoteComputing Environment (downloadable)
Dittrich & Partners Consultants and Product Distributors
DynArray Developers of Dice and DynaHarry
Gaertner Gaertner Group (European J support and mirror)
Andreas Geyer-Schulz page Another character representation method, and some application papers
Bob Hoekstra APL page editor for the Netscape Open Directory Project
Bernard Houben Interactive Query Language
Insight Systems Insight Systems
Kirk Iverson's home page Includes some experiments with APL character representation
Iverson Software Directory of APL Consultants and Developers (not connected with ISI)
Oleg Kobchenko's J Page Various J utilities
J and Astronomy J Patrick Harrington's J and Astronomy page
J Forum Archives Archives of the J email forum
J Wiki Whatever a Wiki might be...
Articles by Gerard Langlet A list compiled by Michel Dumontier
Lescasse Consulting APL consultancy and training
Lingo Allegro APL consultancy and add-on products
Netscape Open Directory APL page The APL page of the Netscape Open Directory Project (edited by Bob Hoekstra)
Nollaig McKenzie A collection of papers, including "J and Elementary Logic"
David Ness J and K Programming Examples
Tony O'HaganStatistician with a special interest in Bayesian techniques
OpenAPL A description of the OpenAPL project
Quadrature Developers of the Mensor survey analysis package
Cliff Reiter Cliff Reiter's pages - mostly about J
Renaissance Data Systems APL books, and other things
Keith Smillie Keith Smillie's J page (with onward links)
Snake Island Research Bob Bernecky, APEX compiler and so forth
Roger Stokes Roger Stokes' J Book
Stephen Taylor's Blog Extreme Programming and APL
Visual APL Visual Programming with APL as an example (Jeffrey Nickerson's PhD thesis)
The Waterloo APL ftp site Lee Dickey's comprehensive APL and J ftp site
Jim Weigang Various topics, including "APL Notes", and APL Newsreader and various APL tools

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