Upper and Lower Case Conversion

One of those pieces of "boiler-plate" requirements that goes into many applications, here's a traditional lower-case converter presented as a Dyalog d-fn...

     lcase←{                                         ⍝ Lower-casification,
       lc←'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzåäöàæéñøü'    ⍝ (lower case alphabet)
       uc←'ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZÅÄÖÀÆÉÑØÜ'    ⍝ (upper case alphabet)
       (lc,⎕AV)[(uc,⎕AV)⍳⍵]                        ⍝ ... of simple array.

The advent of Unicode means that the above isn't necessarily universally useable, and an alternative uses Microsoft .NET (in the same way that might be done from other languages)...

  ⍝ Lower-case conversion using .NET (from Morten Kromberg)
       (⍴⍵)⍴(⎕NEW System.String(⊂,⍵)).ToLower ⍬}

And, as a nicety when handling names we need something to handle the common prefixes...

          z←(ucase↑⍵),lcase 1↓⍵
          (⊂2↑z)∊'Mc' 'O''r':(2↑z),(ucase↑2↓z),3↓z

Page created 23 March 2009.
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