Dogon Research APL Reviews

APLX Version 2Dick BowmanApril 2004
Looking at APLXDick BowmanOctober 2002
Looking at APL2CDick BowmanJune 2001
A Glimpse at J on a WinCE PalmtopDick BowmanApril 2000
A Very Quick Look at KdbDick BowmanOctober 1999
J3 to J4 UpgradeDick BowmanSeptember 1999
A Quick Look at KDick BowmanSeptember 1999
A Quick Look at Mensor Dick BowmanFebruary 1999
WinHelm - An APL/OLAP ToolDick BowmanJanuary 1999
Advanced Windows Programming with APL and Delphi   Dick BowmanApril 1998
APL2 in DepthDick BowmanApril 1998
APL as a Tool of Thought XDick BowmanFebruary 1998
A Quick Look at NialDick BowmanAugust 1997
Comparing APL/J Implementations       Dick BowmanApril 1996
SQAPL/Client Version 2.0Dick BowmanNovember 1995
Fuzzy Rule-Based Expert Systems and Genetic Machine LearningDick BowmanSeptember 1995

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