Dyalog Primer - Workspaces, Sessions, Logs, Configuration


Select Options/Configure
On the General tab, make sure Line Numbers is checked
On the Keyboard tab, select UK-din
On the Object Syntax tab, make sure all three boxes are checked
On the Session tab set  ⎕io ⎕ml to 0 and 3 respectively
Check the name supplied for the session file
On the Log tab, make sure that "Use session log file" is checked and that the filename is suitable.
Click OK.
Quit APL by typing )off into the session window
Restart APL

Move the cursor onto this line, change the 3 to a 5 and hit Enter
)load dfns
⊂[2]⎕NL 3
)wsid c:\dick\temp\mydfns


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Check Options/Configure to confirm that there's a representative set of folders containing workspaces.
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