Dyalog Primer - Vocabulary

Always remember that APL was devised as a way for people to communicate - if you're not writing clear code, you are failing.  And if you aren't clear when you write or talk about APL you are also failing.

Always use the name of what you're doing, not the name of the symbol, for example...

     avg←(+/w)⍴w, verbalise as "avg is the sum of w divided by the shape of w" or "avg gets plus slash w divided by rho w"?

Trying to use the right word...

arguments - feed data values into functions
braces - look like this {}, they're used to define dynamic functions
brackets - look like this [], they're used for the index operator
functions - take data as arguments and return results
operands - feed data or functions to operators
operators - take data or functions as operands and produce derived functions
parentheses - look like this () and are used to break up the natural flow of code reading and execution

To be continued...

Page updated 21 August 2007; Copyright Dogon Research 2007