Dyalog Primer - Further Reading

This is a short and selective list...

Dyalog Manuals

Available as downloadable PDFs from Dyalog's Manual Download Area

APL2 Texts

Although APL2 differs in detail from Dyalog, especially in the aspects of interfacing with the non-APL world it's always helpful to find different perspectives on the core language and the books here are well written,

APL2 at a Glance; Brown, Pakin, Polivka; Prentice Hall; ISBN 0-13-038670-7; 1988 - 444 pages
APL2 In Depth; Thomson, Polivka; Springer-Verlag; ISBN 0-387-94213-0; 1995 - 264 pages


FinnAPL Idiom Library; FinnAPL; FinnAPL; ISBN 951-99397-9-2; 1982 - 95 pages.  Even though the syntax is "first-generation APL" and much has become simpler to write in modern interpreters the code snippets here are in common usage and represent the first step beyond mastery of isolated primitives.

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