Dogon Research APL Papers

DogXAML - Compound WPF Controls
Dick Bowman June 2013
SQAPL and DriverOptions Dick Bowman January 2013
amCharts for Charting Dick Bowman October 2011
Configuration Revisited Dick Bowman August 2010
Why the Roman Empire Fell Dick Bowman June 2010
Web Server Adventures Dick Bowman June 2010
SQLite and ADO.NET Dick Bowman March 2010
User Commands Dick Bowman September 2009
SQL and CSV Classes Dick Bowman December 2008
Workspaces and so forth... Dick Bowman October 2008
OO For The Elderly Dick Bowman October 2008
Code Interchange APLX Dyalog Dick Bowman November 2007
Web Authoring Tools Dick Bowman November 2006
From MySQL to SQLite Dick Bowman November 2006
Living on a LowSALT Diet APL/W Dick Bowman November 2006
Storing Class Definitions on File Dick Bowman August 2006
Classes Extending the Dyalog GUI Dick Bowman August-November 2006
A Component File Class for Dyalog APL Dick Bowman August 2006
An Application Configuration Utility Dick Bowman November 2005
Utility Maintenance Dick Bowman November 2005
Thoughts About Namespaces Dick Bowman January 2004
Starting with Linux Dick Bowman January 2004
APL Characters in Email Dick Bowman December 2003
From MS Access to MySQL Dick Bowman December 2003
Choosing a Personal Programming Language - 2002 Dick Bowman January 2002
Choosing a Personal Programming Language Dick Bowman October 1999
A Tale of Three GUIs      Dick Bowman July 1998
OLAP - Another Opportunity? Dick Bowman June 1997
APL and J Benchmarks       Dick Bowman January 1997
Using Microsoft Access to Store APL Code    Dick Bowman April 1996
Using MIME to Send and Receive APL on the Internet Dick Bowman September 1995

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