Just About J

J is a language which clearly has a lot going for it, but a major weakness is that the documentation is either terse, or written by longtime J followers, or both.

The most important thing to remember about J is that you don't need to know a lot to get started; some of the 'official' literature seems to want to deter the casual dipper. Just experiment (and save often); the working environment is benign.

The idea behind this set of pages is to broaden the amount written about J and perhaps to add a different perspective. The contents may or may not always be correct (I'm learning as I go along - which is the motivation for writing some of this); the topics (and the detail within the topics) will change from time to time.

Fonts: It is ironic that with a primary purpose of the J notation being to avoid APL's historic perceived marketting weakness of a special character set it is still necessary to use a special font to visualise J results most clearly. Some of these pages use the ISIJ font which you can (probably) download from the J Software site.


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