Ye Gifte Shoppe

Ye Gifte Shoppe is a collection of downloadable APL and J (possibly K, Nial and more) applications, tools and utilities which might be interesting to the worker or student in these technologies.

The main idea is to be able to compare and contrast the code used to achieve the same goal in various APL (and APL-related) variants; the code may not be complete or thoroughly robust in all circumstances.

All Gifte Shoppe items are free and may be used without restriction so long as authorship is acknowledged.


  A+ APL2 APL2C APLX Dyalog J K
AKUTILS   Details Details Details   Details  
ATFIN         Details    
Configuration Utility (new Nov 2005)         Details    
Excel interface         Details    
Mail interface         Details    
Plot utility (new Dec 2005)         Details    
Stop/trace   Details   Details Details    
Utility maintenance (new Dec 2005)         Details    

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