File Split and Merge

FileSplit is an application which spilts files into smaller segments (and is also able to reassemble small fragments into the original file).

Typically useful when files (for example video MPEGs) are too large to fit into a sinlge media disc (CD, DVD or network drive).


There is no packaged installation procedure; Dogon FileSplit is installed by copying files into the application folder. At this time it is only available as a Dyalog APL workspace, and it is assumed that the Dyalog Development Environment (Version 11 or higher) is available on the target hardware (if there is demand a packaged executable may be made available at some point in the future).

Microsoft .NET is used and is also assumed to be installed on the target hardware.


These files are available on application from Dogon Research.

splithot.bmp splitnorm.bmp splitff.bmp

Button bitmap files


The APL/W workspace

split.ico splitsmall.ico split.nmp

Icon and bitmap files


Configuration file

Help Folder

filesplit.html  This document
merge.png split.png Sample screenshots

Installation Procedure


Configuration information is held in the file config.dycf and does not normally need to be changed directly (there is a menu item for configuration).

The configuration form allows you to select a chunk size for file processing, default file extension and a delay while executing (not really very useful).


On startup the main (only) form is shown, with tabs for Splitting and Merging:


The Split tab:

allows you to select

Press the Split button to start splitting the file; a progress display in the bottom part of the form will show progress and estimated time to completion). A Cancel button will appear and allow you to cancel the split.


The Merge tab:

allows you to select

Press the Merge button to start merging files; as with Split progress estimates are shown and a Cancel button is displayed while the merge is in progress.

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