Dogon FileSafe 


Dogon FileSafe is an application designed to take copies of recently-changed files in selected folders and place them onto a secondary storage device. It differs from backup programs like MS Backup in that the copies are exact and may therefore be restored by a simple copy operation.

It is complementary to Dogon Archiving, and is specifically intended for use with a USB pen drive.


There is no packaged installation procedure; Dogon FileSafe is installed by copying files into the application folder. It may be run as either an executable (required files may be requested from Dogon Research) or as a source Dyalog APL/W workspace – different files are required in each case.




The executable file

Dyalog APL/W Workspace

These files are available on application from Dogon Research

safehot.bmp safenorm.bmp safeoff.bmp

Button bitmap files


The APL/W workspace

Both Options


Icon file


Log file


Configuration file

Help Folder


This document


Sample screenshot

Installation Procedure

Unzip the files into a folder (put the help files into a subfolder called <help>

Create a shortcut with the following properties:

Either (to run using the executable)

Target <homefolder>\filesafe.exe hemefolder=<homefolder> where <homefolder> is the name of the folder in which you have put the files

or (to run as an APL workspace)

Use a shortcut to start Dyalog APL/W with workspace <filesafe> and homefolder= as above

In both cases set Start In to the name of the folder into which you have put the files.

The shortcut icon can be set to safeicon.ico


Configuration information is held in the file config.dcf and does not normally need to be changed directly (there is a menu item for configuration); if you must fiddle, the format is described in component 2.

Using Dogon FileSafe

The main Dogon FileSafe form is shown:

Operation is mainly via either the menus or toolbar

Menu Options

Scans the folders and lists files which have been modified since the last run (file details are shown in the righthand grid).

The list of folders may be amended by right-clicking in the folder grid; when adding a folder you can choose whether subfolders are to be scanned for files.

Available after the file list has been refreshed; transfers the detected-as-modified files to the target drive (you are warned if this is not the last – removable – drive)

Available after changes to the folder list – saves the folder list.

Display the log file (a simple text file which shows timestamps for FileSafe activity (target folder creation, file names, problems, and so forth).

Displays a generic configuration form which allows you to specify the default target drive

Quit the application

Displays this help

Only available for developers, opens a generic ToDo form which enables entry and tracking of development/correction work to be done

Displays a generic About form

The target drive may be selected using the Target Drive combobox; the date of last run is shown for reference

Support and Queries

Dogon FileSafe is supplied on a no-charge as-is basis; there is no formal support, but queries and suggestions may be sent to Dogon Research.

The APL code (which may be obtained on request from Dogon Research) is copyright © Dogon Research 2003-2004, but may be copied for personal use; commercial use is strictly prohibited. The executable version may not be reverse-engineered.

Copyright © Dogon Research Ltd., 2004